Rain Deck: splash pads for everybody

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Published: 24th November 2010
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Rain deck is an US industrial leader in installation and innovation of splash pads. The company provides with the wide range of splash pads, water park equipment and pool pads. Their professional team works with a wide range of manufacturers in splash pad industry, therefore safety and quality are on the base of Rain Deck product strategy. Here you can find everything according to your needs.

There are descriptions of some products provided by Rain Deck:

-Rain Deck 6 Nozzle Splash Pad Kit - Stand Alone:it contains 6 Rain Deck 3" Housings ; 6 Rain Deck Adjustable Nozzles ;Rain Deck Nozzle Tool ;Electronic Controller; Float Chlorinator Dispenser (1" tabs); 1/2" Auto Fill Leveler; 1-1/2" Check Valve.

- Rain Deck 3" Universal Housing that includes Universal Housing - ea. Description: Rain Deck Universal Housing, MFG#: RD102-0, Weight: 3.4 oz, Width: 3", Height: 2", Material: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, Water Inlet: 1/2" F-NPT

- Rain Deck 12-Nozzle Ring of Water with All 12 jets shoot concurrently creating a close circle of water. The places of nozzles can be changed to control flow and desired spray pattern. There is also a possibility to custom your order to any size of ring water.

There are just three of the products that you can find in Rain Deck. On the official website you will find 67 types of products with the detailed descriptions, some of them also provide with the prices.

Rain deck is the place where you will be able to find everything: from residential splash pads for your houses; commercial splash pads, water park equipment, various details that you might need for the fixing your splash pads. Besides, Rain Deck provides professional installation services. Therefore, if you decide to acquire splash pads or open your own business with water attractions, you donít have to think where to find suppliers of the splash pads and water park equipment. Save your time, money and take your road to Rain Deck.

Rain Deck is your one stop shop for all your splash pad equipment and pool water feature needs Ė From unique splash pad designs to complete spray park installations, Rain Deck has the water play products and resources to make your spray park project a reality. For more information please visit: residential splash pad

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